Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Senior Living options?

Senior Living options can include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Personal Care, and Memory Care, among others. Often, Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Personal Care home residents share many of the same services such as meal preparation, housekeeping services, scheduled activities, and transportation services. The apartments are frequently very similar. The main difference is that Independent Living residents require no medical or personal assistance from our staff. In Personal Care and Assisted Living options, a resident generally has a need for assistance with some of the activities of daily living or perhaps healthcare oversight by qualified caregivers.  The Memory Care option is designed specifically for those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of memory loss.

Is there a buy-in?

No. Keep your money in the best place for you! At Good Neighbor Care® communities, you merely pay a Community Fee and your first month’s rent.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Yes, but there is no long term contract involved. Apartments are leased on a month-to-month basis with only a 30 day notice required to vacate. 

Are residents allowed to have pets?

Our pets become our family and at Good Neighbor Care® communities we recognize their importance not only as companions, but as an important contributor to emotional health, too. Not all of our communities can accommodate pets, so please refer to the Pet Policy page for our guidelines.

Will insurance or Social Security pay for senior living?

Senior living is not covered under health insurance policies or Social Security. Some residents have maintained Long Term Care insurance for years prior to needing our services and this is the only type of insurance designed to pay a benefit for some types of senior living. Policies differ so if you have Long Term Care insurance we urge you to contact your carrier to determine what benefits may be payable to you.

Does the VA pay for senior living?

The Veterans Administration (VA) has a program designed to provide qualified veterans with a tax-free benefit called the Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit. This benefit is entirely separate from other VA pensions and it is unrelated to disability. The Aid & Attendance Benefit is designed to assist in the payment of living expenses and it applies to spouses and widows of qualified veterans as well. You will need to work with your local VA office in applying.  For more information, please contact your local VA office.

Can I keep my car?

That is between you, the State, and perhaps your family. Many of our residents still drive, and parking areas are provided for resident vehicles. Even residents who still drive often prefer to ride with us, as scheduled transportation to medical visits, various outings and shopping is included in your rent.

Is there any type of oversight or regulation of senior living communities?

Most definitely! Senior Living communities are regulated by the State in which they are located, and they must be licensed for the types of care or services that they provide. This regulation addresses such areas as staffing levels and training, medication administration, types of care given, and many other health and safety policies. In addition, the State agency overseeing senior living communities makes unannounced inspections on a regular basis to assure the community adheres to the required standards. You may request to see any Good Neighbor Care® community's license as well as the most recent State audit by contacting the community’s Executive Director.