The care and service we provide is guided by five core values: hospitality, stewardship, integrity, respect and humor, resulting in a vibrant community focused on the whole person – assuring dignity, privacy, comfort and quality of life for each person. This is patient-centered care.


We strive to:

  • Create a culture that promotes teamwork and collaboration
  • Listen attentively and courteously
  • Honor the uniqueness and worth of each individual
  • Extend a warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Embrace new ideas, being flexible, and open to change


We are obliged to:

  • Take initiative and anticipate the needs of others
  • Contribute our time and talents responsibly
  • Use material, energy, and monetary resources as efficiently as possible
  • Be predictive in problem solving


We believe in:

  • Creating a daily practice of doing the right things
  • Being accountable for and being engaged in the commitments we have made
  • Building trustworthy relationships with others
  • Telling the truth
  • Striving for quality and excellence in all we do


We make it our priority to:

  • Cherish and promote the worth of all human life
  • Value the dignity of all work
  • Promote participation of team members in decision making
  • Respond timely in communications


It is essential that we:

  • Embrace creativity and new ideas
  • Learn and grow from our mistakes
  • Encourage joy and laughter
  • Take the work, but not ourselves too seriously
  • Have fun at work!


Every day at Vintage Knolls offers opportunities for learning, enrichment and fun through our rich calendar of events and programs. A typical week might include cooking or baking together, discussion of current events, fitness classes, gardening, or enjoying live music.

To learn more about Vintage Knolls or tour, click here to contact Joe Kurtek, Community Relations Director, or call (570) 275-1824.


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